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Creative Challenge #2 – Mandalas

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. Within a circle you draw repeating ornaments or embellishments to create an overall symmetrical structure. Drawing Mandalas is a wonderful combination of art and meditation. It is creative and repetitive which has a … Continue reading


Creative Challenge #1 – Morning Pages

Julia Cameron starts her famous book The Artists’ Way with the introduction of the Morning Pages. The idea is to start writing something, anything first thing in the morning. She suggests filling 3 pages every day. It doesn’t matter at … Continue reading


In Summer

Bees’ll buzz Kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz And I’ll be doing whatever snow does. In summer A drink in my hand My snow up against the burning sand Prob’ly getting gorgeously tanned. In summer  (Olaf in Frozen) Are your plans for summer different compared … Continue reading


YOUR color

You might have been in the situation where you had to find a name for your child. Some names have a good sound, some are too complex and others just have a somehow negative or positive connotation. Your husband might … Continue reading


Art Is Expression

The other day we were walking through the neighborhood when suddenly a huge lightening drew its mark on the sky. A few seconds later it was followed by a boisterous thunder. My 5-year old daughter, who had never been afraid … Continue reading


Hungry For Art – kid’s art parties with The Dirty Easel

“Can we start painting now? Please!!! NOW!” – this is what I hear when kids enter the room that is set up with easels, canvases, brushes, paints and all kinds of interesting looking materials. They keep pulling my smock and … Continue reading


Make More Art

In the last decades researchers found evidence that being creative enhances well-being. Studies show that people who make art regularly improve their health and their happiness (read more). Humans who develop a habit of being creative: relieve stress develop a … Continue reading