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Learning About Group Creativity from Musicians

When we think about creative people we often think about the writer, painter, composer, who is working in solitude – the creative genius. In this episode we explore how to be creative within a group. My guest today is bass … Continue reading


Amparo Garcia-Crow — Stories Told by an Interdisciplinary Artist

My guest today, Amparo Garcia-Crow, is an interdisciplinary artist and as universal as artists used to be in the Renaissance. At the moment of the recording and publishing of this podcast, Amparo is in the final stage of her new … Continue reading


Expressive Arts: Growth and Healing Through Creativity

In this Creative Spark episode I will talk with expressive arts therapist Corinne Arles about healing trauma through the arts. She will share her experiences with children and families who learned to express their emotions and pain through creative projects. Stories … Continue reading


How to Find Your Voice as a Creative and Turn it into a Business

If you want to create a rich story you have to live a rich life.  – Britney King Do you have an unfinished novel hiding in our desk? Or maybe you have another art project that is stalling and you … Continue reading


Mindfulness and Creativity

How can mindfulness practice increase your creativity? What if mindfulness practice can help you overcome creative resistance? Jenn will be sharing several examples how mindfulness can open the creative well. Following systematic steps in building a mindfulness practice allows to … Continue reading


Simplifying Creativity: Exploring quick and easy ways to boost your creativity

Creativity is like a muscle. The more we use it the stronger it becomes. In this Creative Spark conversation I will talk with Maria Gatling about fun, quick, and easy ways to train the creative muscle and how to get … Continue reading


Creative Learning

In today’s episode I’ve got Marissa Wahkuna Campbell from the Creative Learning Initiative on the show to talk about how creative strategies can improve academic learning. Podcast   In this chat Marissa shares: How she became a creative all-rounder who … Continue reading