Christiane Michaelis is a passionate, engaging, and knowledgeable speaker on the subject of creativity. She offers a unique perspective on building bridges between creativity and business. Her talks are enriched by her work experience as an artist as well as a facilitator of creativity team building workshops for business.

Christiane’s presentations are interactive, motivating, and include hands-on activities. As a facilitator, trainer, and former teacher, she knows that active learning allows for the message to stick and leads to actionable results. Each of her presentations blends the latest scientific research with compelling stories and practical exercises.

Below are some of the topics Christiane has spoken on. She can customize talks to the needs of the company, conference, meeting, or event at which she’s asked to speak.



Thinking Outside the Box and Inside the Frame: Developing Creative Proficiency for Business

Creativity and creative problem solving are becoming the most sought after work skills, but 50% of Americans believe they are not creative. Neuroscience has found evidence that everyone is wired to be creative and that creativity can be trained and developed. In this talk, we’ll explore how organizations can learn to generate unique ideas and how to improve creative problem solving across the organization to drive growth and innovation. 

The following questions will be addressed:

  • Why do we need creativity in the workplace?
  • What is the impact of creativity on business?
  • How can organizations train employees to think creatively?
  • How can the creative process be applied to work?

Developing A Culture of Innovation

In our fast changing times, innovation is seen as an imperative. But a common misconception is that innovation just means developing new products. Highly innovative companies understand that creativity and innovation are at the center of an organization’s way of doing things. What is necessary to build a culture that fosters innovation across all departments and becomes a normalized way of thinking?

Peter Drucker said culture eats strategy for breakfast. Innovative culture is the soil that innovative strategies need to bare fruit. This talk unfolds the six mandatory steps to build a culture of innovation.

How to Use Art-Based Learning to Build Innovative Teams

Innovation is a team sport. Truly innovative companies have creatives in all departments and teams who know how to collaborate creatively. Christiane shares concepts on how to build teams that are creative as a group. Learn how art-based learning strategies can enhance deep communication, foster collaboration and understanding, and ultimately drive innovation.