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Creative Team Building to Drive Innovation

Fight fear and mediocrity with a paint brush!

The Dirty Easel provides team building activities for corporate events in and around Austin that enable organizations to develop a creative and innovative team culture. We help transform your team and develop team identity through painting. No form of art is simpler than putting brush to canvas — we all can do it, but many adults no longer believe they are creative. Through a fun and playful exploration of colors on canvas we bring teams closer together.

Our programs are successful because we combine years of artistic and creative experience with the latest results from the neuroscience research on creativity and play-based learning. We apply those scientific research results to our activities to make your teams work more productively. Painting is an ideal tool to open the mind to unconventional ideas and to develop the courage to realize them.

Build a culture that values, nurtures, and rewards creative solutions.

Ways to paint creatively with your team

We work with you to find the best corporate events program to truly inspire and enrich your team.

Individual painting allows everyone to develop their unique creativity while painting on their own canvas.  It’s amazing what happens to people when they take the time to be creative – when they work on something creative and find it so energizing they lose track of time. For many people – even those doing it for the first time – painting is like that. They call it “getting into the flow.” And in the same way you exercise better in a class of people, painting, too, can be better in a group, where you mix your own self-expression with social interaction.

Collaborative painting helps building trust and enhances communication. For example, we have everyone start a painting, then pass it to the next person on their team until everyone in the group has contributed to each canvas. Or maybe you want one massive canvas that everyone contributes to. However we structure it, collaborative painting is great at bringing teams together and seeing how their contributions enhance the whole.

Painting based on personality assessment tests are popular for our customers who have previously worked with personality assessment tools. Our workshops that build upon True Colors training, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finders, or other personal assessments have been very successful. Each team member paints something that represents a dominant trait, then they spend time discussing them before finally working to tie each of the paintings together with a unique thread.

Theme-based painting allows your teams to focus on an idea that is important for your company like your branding, cultural values, identity, or your vision for the next year. Theme-based painting offers intuitive access to topics that you previously approached intellectually. Visualizing complex thought processes leads to a different form of understanding and clarity, and thus stimulates new fresh discussions.

Watch a video to see our corporate team building in action.

The Process of our Partnership

  1. Needs Analysis. Since we want to find the right program for your team, we always start by getting a clear picture of your needs. We help determine your goals for the team building event and make sure it helps empower your company culture where you need it most.Sometimes the goal is simply to have fun for an hour or two. Other times, you may want to truly change the team dynamic through a program that can last as long as a full day. Our programs are individually tailored to help your team grow.
  2. Workshops. All of our painting workshops are based on experiential learning. Research has shown that when we learn through listening we remember on average 20%. When we learn by actively doing something —  using our hands and brain —  90% is going to stick. Change happens through experience and not through lecturing. By also reflecting on the painting experience, your team will become aware of the values, benefits and takeaways from the event.
    This is how the entire process works:process of our partnership
    Hanging the paintings up in your office is  a terrific visual reminder of the process and will enhance accountability around the new goals.
  3. Sustainability. We want to make sure to keep the momentum that has been established by the painting experience. That is why it is important to us to follow up with you after the event to identify ways that the team building event has a lasting impact and leads to sustainable results.

Investing in creativity pays off for businesses

Gallup reports that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work. Since payroll is typically the biggest cost for enterprises, this means a huge financial loss. So it comes as no surprise that increasing engagement is now  a top priority for HR and leadership. Adobe’s new study, State of Create 2016, presents valuable insights that will help.

Productivity and ultimately financial success can be increased by 78%  by investing in creativity. Creativity makes for good business.

investing in creativity brings success

Adobe: State of Create 2016


Creativity makes people better: ...

This matches a study that IBM conducted in 2010 that “is the largest known sample of one-on-one CEO interviews, with over 1,500 corporate heads and public sector leaders across 60 nations and 33 industries polled on what drives them in managing their companies in today’s world. For CEOs, creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing even integrity and global thinking. “

Yet the reality is that we don’t have enough creative people in our companies and businesses. Only 50% of people believe they are creative. Creativity is good for businessAnd even less (only 31 percent)  feel like they are living up to their creative potential.

The logical conclusion is that organizations need to think differently and provide resources, tools, and an environment that fosters creativity. It can be done. Creativity is not magical. You can learn, train and practice to be creative – as an individual as well as a company. We are here to show you how to develop creativity as an economic engine.


More than just fun- Team Building that drives results

Imagine a team that is not afraid of new challenges and uncertainties in the daily work life because they developed tools to be creative and they learned to trust their team. This is the goal we can help your company achieve.

Learn here how to sell creative team building to internal stakeholders.


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“We invited Christiane to our office at Facebook Austin for a painting/team building exercise. It was a huge success! She made it fun, useful, and memorable. I highly recommend her and Dirty Easel!”

Peter Stern, Facebook

I really enjoyed the creative energy that flowed through the room. I would surely recommend the “The Dirty Easel” to any group interested in bringing life and inspiration to their team. My co-workers were all in agreement that this gathering was a lot of fun.”

Sandra Bouldwin

“Christiane with The Dirty Easel hosted our annual work gathering and it was a fabulous time!! She encouraged our creativity and the uniqueness of each piece of art work created by my coworkers was amazing.  It was a great time of bonding and fun.”

Allison Zander, Starry

“We loved it, the staff loved it. I will be bragging about you!”

Steve Crawford, Leander ISD
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