Kids Camps

Camp Creativity

The Dirty Easel’s Camp Creativity brings art, theater, and music together. Children are strengthening their natural creativity through projects that stimulate and inspire their curiosity and imagination. We play, explore, and learn indoors as well as outdoors.

Many schools have been cutting down their art programs in the last few years. We want children to grow their creative potential. Children love art because it is a fun experience. When using children’s inherit creativity they learn to inhabit their feelings, to authentically manifest who they are, and to explore their world. And we also prepare them for the creative thinking skills that are highly required in 21st century jobs.

Christiane Michaelis, the owner of The Dirty Easel and a certified Music and Theater teacher, will lead all camps.

Activities: singing, making music, painting, drawing, crafting, acting, dancing, creative writing


There will be NO CAMPS in 2022!



Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.

Pablo Picasso

I believe that my daughter’s imagination has been sparked by this class and she still enjoys performing and uses different voices for each character she embodies. It’s a great arena for letting your little one explore their creativity and use their voice and body. This class is the perfect match of play and learning.

Debra Brown