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How Art Can Help to De-stress at Work

Did you know that US workers are considered the most overworked in the developed world? According to a Forbes article, we work longer hours and have more stress-related illnesses than Europe and Japan. On top of that, the holiday season … Continue reading


Learning Through the Arts

Several years ago I was working as a language arts teacher at a school in Germany where more than 50% of the students came from immigrant families. Most of them spoke a different language at home than at school.  A … Continue reading


Expressive Arts: Growth and Healing Through Creativity

In this Creative Spark episode I will talk with expressive arts therapist Corinne Arles about healing trauma through the arts. She will share her experiences with children and families who learned to express their emotions and pain through creative projects. Stories … Continue reading


Art Is Expression

The other day we were walking through the neighborhood when suddenly a huge lightening drew its mark on the sky. A few seconds later it was followed by a boisterous thunder. My 5-year old daughter, who had never been afraid … Continue reading


Make More Art

In the last decades researchers found evidence that being creative enhances well-being. Studies show that people who make art regularly improve their health and their happiness (read more). Humans who develop a habit of being creative: relieve stress develop a … Continue reading