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Innovation — From Buzz Word to Slow Seller?

In my presentations I often ask the audience whether they need innovation in their jobs. The overwhelming majority says they do. This is not surprising, right? Innovation is a buzz word. This monthly Nadya Zhexembayeva published an article, “Stop Calling … Continue reading


Creativity in Times of Crisis

A crisis is a call for humanity as well as creativity. When what we have learned to know as normal is suspended we need to use our creativity to develop new concepts and behaviors. In these unprecedented times we have … Continue reading


Impressions from SXSW 2019

Pretending to be able to sum up a conference with 600+ sessions is hubris. But throughout the sessions that I attended (30 or so), I tried to identify patterns, motifs that repeat themselves. One of the reasons that makes SXSW … Continue reading


How to prepare for the workforce shift of 2020

Happy New Year! Each time we start a new year it feels like we are taking a step into the future. In Germany we have the tradition of “Bleigiessen” —  a game to predict what the coming year has in … Continue reading


Can Mindfulness Increase Creativity?

How Mindfulness Impacts Creativity There are several similarities between mindfulness and creativity, like fostering curiosity, being in the moment, and becoming aware of thoughts and feelings. But apart from sharing those similarities, can mindfulness practice actually increase creativity? This question … Continue reading


What is the essence of entrepreneurship?

Italian mammas are famous for their amazing sugo (pasta sauce). After breakfast they assemble the sauce and they let it simmer throughout the day until it is ready for dinner. Not only does the smell enrich every moment of that … Continue reading


Creative Spark

My goal for 2017 is to spread creativity in a larger community. In my last blog post Fight or Flight – Art in the Times of Uproar I explained why I believe we need more people who are able to think … Continue reading