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State of Create

State of Create is Adobe’s new study that evaluate the role of creativity. Did you know that people who are creative are not only happier and more successful at work but also bring home more money? It’s true. According to … Continue reading


Fine Arts Camps for Kids

Watch a few snippets from our first Fine Arts Camp for kids.


kids and creativity

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso Do you know what CEOs consider the most valuable ability of their employees? Creativity. Did you know that according to research by … Continue reading


Have you zentangled yet?

I have been reading that Zentangle starts becoming a bigger trend. A good way to describe it is creative meditation. Actually the word “Zentangle” sounds already like a Mantra to me. Can you imagine Leonhard Cohen whispering that word in your … Continue reading


5 Reasons Why The Dirty Easel is Truly Austin

People who live here or just visit Austin get the idea that this city is special, is different. I browsed the web to learn more about what people think it is that is so unique about Austin and Austinites. I … Continue reading


Watching kids paint

My daughter has a small table for drawing and arts. She goes there to paint something in the morning, those 5 minutes before breakfast. She goes there when I say I am done reading books with her. She pulls her … Continue reading