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Sleeping Beauty’s Awakening

Every story is a journey of transformation.  One year ago our lives stopped. Remember the moment in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty when the princess pricks her finger with a spindle and the whole castle falls asleep? The cook was … Continue reading


On the Search of an Overarching Trend of SXSW 2018

As a first timer at SXSW, it was a challenge to carve my way through its myriad sessions. I felt like the kid in the candy store, paralyzed by the choices in a world of deliciousness. To find my compass … Continue reading


Fight or Flight? – Art in times of uproar

For many of us, 2016 has been a rough year — a year that brought as much change as uncertainty. It is a year of terror, a brutal war in Syria, and of political developments that are increasingly dividing our … Continue reading


Speaking Your Creative Voice

“Je suis Paris.” With these words people all over the world tried to express their solidarity and grief about the horrible terrorist attacks that shattered Paris and the world last November. Social media was full of posts of people who … Continue reading


The Not-Knowing Mindset

Have you ever experienced how hard it is to be the follower in a partner dance – the one not leading? For many of my customers it seems equally hard to be able to start a painting without having a … Continue reading


Happy New Year!

Last week I went to the spinning class that I do once a week. The parking lot in front of the gym was packed, the childcare was exploding with new kids, and for the first time I could barely find … Continue reading


Creative Challenge #4 – 28-day-collage

Four weeks from today school starts in Austin. That leaves us with 28 days for a new end-of-summer creative challenge. My idea for this week is to create a collage over the coarse of 4 weeks. (On this Pinterest board … Continue reading