State of Create

Adobe releases new study about creativity.

State of Create - Adobe's study about creativity

State of Create is Adobe’s new study that evaluate the role of creativity.

Did you know that people who are creative are not only happier and more successful at work but also bring home more money?

It’s true. According to the Stat of Create, creative people bring home an average of 13% more money than those less creative.

Investing in creativity pays off

Investing in creativity pays off for businesses and individuals because it leads to tangible results, as Adobe’s new “State of Create” study 2016 reveals. According to the study, “This survey provides a big wake-up call to businesses that they need to think differently and give employees the tools and freedom to be creative,” – said Mala Sharma, VP &GM of Creative Cloud at Adobe.

More than 75 percent of the U.S. respondents believe being creative is valuable to society and the economy. Additionally, 85 percent of Americans are convinced that being more creative makes people better leaders, workers, parents, and students.

Businesses that invest in creativity are more likely to:

  • Increase employee productivity (78%)
  • Be competitive (79%)
  • Have more satisfied customers (80%)
  • Foster innovation (83%)
  • Be financially successful (73%).

But here comes the bad news:

Only 31 percent feel like they are living up to their creative potential. Also only 4 in in 10 describe themselves as being creative.

Hence,  although we know we need creativity, few of us are able to achieve it.

Neuroscience has proven that everybody has the ability to be creative. Because we humans are genetically coded that way. All we have to do is to strengthen our creative muscles.

The Dirty Easel’s mission is to provide people and companies with tools to strengthen the creative muscle and help close the creativity gap between where we are now and where we want to be — to utilize our full creative potential.

Adobe found a lot more interesting facts, like how creativity is valued for different age groups, how relevant it is for education, etc.  Click here for all the results of Adobe’s study.


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