Expressive Arts: Growth and Healing Through Creativity

The Creative Spark Podcast - Episode 6

In this Creative Spark episode I will talk with expressive arts therapist Corinne Arles about healing trauma through the arts. She will share her experiences with children and families who learned to express their emotions and pain through creative projects. Stories about traumatized kids who made art in the days after 9/11 help us understand how everyone can use creativity to cope with and digest experiences –  good and bad.

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Expressive Arts: Growth and Healing through Creativity

Corinne Arles

Interview guest: Corinne Arles is Licensed Professional Counselor and trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist, and an experienced clinician.  Corinne was instrumental in providing therapeutic arts to children through Free Arts NYC and at Red Cross and FEMA assistance centers in New York City during 9/11. She also utilized her skills to create protocol for September Space, a healing arts space for first responders of 9/11. Currently in private practice, her unique training allows her to guide clients in their preferred methods of expression to obtain new areas of healing often not accessible through verbal communication.  She believes in the power of the creative arts and counseling to facilitate communication, personal growth, and healing.


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