Simplifying Creativity: Exploring quick and easy ways to boost your creativity

The Creative Spark Podcast- Episode 3

Creativity is like a muscle. The more we use it the stronger it becomes. In this Creative Spark conversation I will talk with Maria Gatling about fun, quick, and easy ways to train the creative muscle and how to get out of a creative lapse. When we simplifying creativity we lower the threshold and a creative life becomes more accessible.


In this episode we will discuss:

  • very practical tips to integrate creativity into a busy life
  • how creativity can increase the feeling of joy and happiness
  • quick and easy projects to stimulate the creative juices
  • how to get out of a creative draught
  • habits that help nurture creative ideas


Photo of guest Maria Gatling

Maria Gatling

Maria Gatling is a visual artist whose drive is to spread the love of creativity to people of all backgrounds.

As a Creativity Facilitator, she exposes ways to embrace a creative perspective in everyday life through the use of both traditional and digital mediums. Maria’s books, presentations, and workshops help people take simple, straightforward steps to tap into their creative process.




Maria Gatling’s website

Henry Todd: The accidental creative


Creative Challenge: 7 – word – phrases

Examples from the live event in Austin:

A Jill of all mediums, and mistress of none.

Inspiring women to explore inner multitudes creatively.

I feel everything around me with intensity.

I spread curiosity so creativity can blossom.




  1. Maria is a natural speaker who captures her audience with creative activities. She was a guest speaker for my journalism classes and was always able to keep a class of 25 8th graders engaged! Her passion for making others feel comfortable during her creative workshops allows the audience to be themselves. When they least expect it, they let down their guard and are able to become spontaneous. This is the dopamine fix that everyone is talking about. You feel good when you leave her workshop, and you can bet the participants have a smile on their face!


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