Amparo Garcia-Crow — Stories Told by an Interdisciplinary Artist

The Creative Spark Podcast - Episode 7

portrait of Amparo Garcia-CrowMy guest today, Amparo Garcia-Crow, is an interdisciplinary artist and as universal as artists used to be in the Renaissance.

At the moment of the recording and publishing of this podcast, Amparo is in the final stage of her new musical production STRIP. The world premiere will be on January 24th, 2018 in Austin, TX.

In this Creative Spark conversation I talk with Amparo about her very first experiences as an artist, her drive to tell stories through different mediums, and the difficulties she faced as a latina actress.

She shares how her ideas for the musical STRIP evolved, and the difficulties and risks of this artist driven production.

All of Amparo’s stories look at essential questions of life and death and reflect what we are doing with the short time we are here on this planet.


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interdisciplinary artist Garcia-CrowAmparo Garcia-Crow has been an actress on stage, on TV and movies, she writes plays, screenplays and songs, and she is directing and producing plays and musicals.

Recently she has been an artist in residence with NYC’s Mabou Mines developing “Strip” a new musical. She is also in development with i25 Productions in Los Angeles with screenplay “Appeal” and “Unknown Soldier: The New American Musical of Mexican Descent” which was recently featured in Hector Galen’s documentary: “Visiones (Visions): Latino Art and Culture” on PBS.

Her most recent film “Death Rattle” which she wrote and produced recently premiered at the Los Angeles Latino International and Cine las Americas. Her half hour film, “Loaves and Fishes” (which she also stars in) aired on the PBS series “Territories”, after premiering at the SXSW Film Festival and the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

As a playwright, Garcia-Crow has been developed at South Coast Repertory Theatre and has had world premiers Off-Broadway, Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Latino Chicago and various theatres and universities in the Southwest.

Amparo Garcia-Crow is the mother of 2 children, one of them, Shakey Graves, is a famous musician and artist.


Amparo Garcia-Crow’s website

STRIP, the musical     January 24-28, 2018, Marchessa Theatre, AFS Cinema Event Hall, Austin, TX

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Mabou Mines


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