Learning About Group Creativity from Musicians

The Creative Spark Podcast - Episode 8

When we think about creative people we often think about the writer, painter, composer, who is working in solitude – the creative genius. In this episode we explore how to be creative within a group.

My guest today is bass player, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Mark Epstein. He has played in bands all his life. We will discuss the challenges and rewards of being creative within a group.

Mark explains how bands and other groups of musicians master the ability to develop and follow their own ideas while at the same time being completely tuned in  to what is happening around them.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • What works better for bands (and teams), democracy or having a clear leader?
  • What are the principles of a creative environment?
  • What can corporate teams learn from bands?

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Learning About Group Creativity from Musicians - Mark Epstein


Mark Epstein is a producer, songwriter, educator, and musician who has toured and recorded with many national acts including Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Monte Montgomery, Taj Mahal, Willie Nelson, George Benson, David Crosby and many others. Corporate clients include Virgin Records, HBO, Orion Pictures, IBM, AT&T, Union Carbide and Yale University.

Through his work in music, film and business, Mark has developed the Principles of the Creative Environment™: a road-map to unlocking collaborative, breakthrough team performance and creative problem solving.


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