Creative Challenge #1 – Morning Pages

Julia Cameron starts her famous book The Artists’ Way with the introduction of the Morning Pages. The idea is to start writing something, anything first thing in the morning. She suggests filling 3 pages every day. It doesn’t matter at all what you write, just anything that is in your head. This is not like a diary where you might want to describe the most important things about your life in order to review them later. These morning pages are not meant to be read again, not by anybody else and possibly not even by you. This gives you the freedom to not care about how you write it – it doesn’t matter if the language is poor, it doesn’t matter if those thoughts might be silly. There is no judge and no judgment. All that matters is to keep writing, without over-thinking.


Do you know that we have on average 50-70,000 thoughts circling inside our head each day? And do you know that 95% of them have been circling inside our head the previous day? Morning pages are a great way to declutter your mind. Getting those thoughts out on paper is a form of processing and signals your brain that it doesn’t have to keep spinning those ideas in order to not forget.

If this challenge is for you, how about committing to 30 days of morning pages?


Read here how Julia Cameron describes her morning pages.




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