YOUR color

which is your color?You might have been in the situation where you had to find a name for your child. Some names have a good sound, some are too complex and others just have a somehow negative or positive connotation. Your husband might find “Claudia” sounds pleasant. And maybe he had met a Claudia before, who was elegant, walked so gracefully and always had that very fresh smell of daisies. Where as the Claudias in your life have been either dull or primitively arrogant. It doesn’t even matter if you still remember them or if you just have a strong feeling against “Claudia” that has found a place deep in your sub consciousness. The history of our life has left impressions and they are different from anybody else’s.

It is the same with colors. For Sylvia red might be the color of liberation and energy. For Isabel red symbolizes intrusion, aggression, or stress. And this is why nobody should tell you what color you should paint with. Find your own color. And your own shape. And your own line. And your own rhythm.

And then you own it.

your color


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