Creative Challenge #2 – Mandalas

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. Within a circle you draw repeating ornaments or embellishments to create an overall symmetrical structure. Drawing Mandalas is a wonderful combination of art and meditation. It is creative and repetitive which has a calming effect for your mind. How about committing to draw one mandala a day for 30 days?

You can start small and just devote 5 minutes each day to this relaxing exercise. If you have never drawn a mandala before a good way to start is using a template and just color it. But I recommend to start developing your own drawings soon. It is so much more fun and a very playful short activity.

Here are 3 links that explain how to draw your own mandala:

There are many templates that you can use to color mandalas. Some are very basic and allow you to add on or just give you a simple grit.

Mandala can be a very simple way to get creative. And they can be highly artistic.




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