In Summer

Bees’ll buzz

Kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz

And I’ll be doing whatever snow does. In summer

A drink in my hand

My snow up against the burning sand

Prob’ly getting gorgeously tanned. In summer  (Olaf in Frozen)

Are your plans for summer different compared to Olaf’s, the snowman?

Summer for most of us in Austin is the biggest transition period of the year. School is ending and with it all the daily routines in the lives of families are changing. Even if you don’t have school children in your family you are affected by co-workers taking time off to go on vacation, or customers that are gone. Life slows down.

Isn’t it strange that we normally don’t use this time of change and transition to (re-) evaluate, to set goals? Naturally it is so much easier to implement new habits when our schedule is already changing. But instead we determine January 1st to be the day when we try to shift our way to the better, healthier side. Summer actually is a great time to experiment and create new habits.

And in Texas the heat outside also alters our way of living. Summer in Austin usually has two sides: One is, being outside in or on the water: in pools or the newly filled lake. The other side is fleeing the heat indoors. This part is our equivalent to hibernation mode in Northern states or countries. One of the best ways to spend indoor time is to become creative. Why not use this summer to make some space for creativity in your life? Creativity to nurture your well-being, to ease your mind, to wind down, to open to new ideas, to recharge, and to energize your life. There are so many ways to get creative.

My challenge for this summer is to introduce a different way of getting into the habit of being creative each week on my blog.

Every week you will find there a new idea for a short daily activity to boost your creativity. It is up to you to find the one that fits you.


Are you joining me in using the summer to create new habits?

Are you joining me in getting into the habit of being creative?

I would love to hear or read about your experiences.


Have a wonderful, colorful summer!

summer sky


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