Make More Art

In the last decades researchers found evidence that being creative enhances well-being. Studies show that people who make art regularly improve their health and their happiness (read more). Humans who develop a habit of being creative: relieve stress develop a … Continue reading

New: multiple visits pass

We want to support our loyal customers so we now offer a multiple visits pass. Multiple passes make our painting events more affordable and can help you get into the habit of being creative. Research has proved that doing art on … Continue reading

How do art-loving kids turn into create-o-phobic adults?

Kids are born to be artists. They create, and create and no drawers are big enough to store all their productivity. And then, at some point, a big dark shadow falls onto all those beautiful paintings, the stream of creativity … Continue reading

Watching kids paint

My daughter has a small table for drawing and arts. She goes there to paint something in the morning, those 5 minutes before breakfast. She goes there when I say I am done reading books with her. She pulls her … Continue reading

Social painting

This painting is a prototype of how artists used to be seen: lonesome, poor, surrounded by misery and solitude. Things have changed. Or maybe they have never been quite like this. Making art with a bunch of people, friends, and … Continue reading

Painting without a master plan

Most people think they have to know what they want to paint before they start painting. But you can also start moving your brush over the canvas without having the slightest idea what the final painting might look like.  Why … Continue reading

Painting the trial and error way

When I discovered acrylic painting, one of my favorite realizations was that there was nothing that could not be changed. I remember pencil drawings that I did as a child when the paper would get thin from using the eraser … Continue reading