3 major effects of social painting

social paintingWhat happens when you come together with friends and paint your very own painting while chatting and having a drink? And how is it different if you’re creating something wholly original (freestyling) rather than copying a famous painting?

Freestyle Painting is …

  • Relaxing. Playing with colors, moving your arm with the brush, and leaving a track of colorful fluids spreading over the canvas can have a very calming effect on the nervous system.
  • A great way to find focus. Do you have symptoms of being scatter-brained? Is your mind overrun by shopping lists, phone calls to make, smelly diapers, to do lists every time you try to take a break? It is amazing how easy it is to get away from your nagging tasks when you paint. And then we realize how much our mind enjoys being in the flow and taking a break from everything else.
  • Energizing. You are tired after a long day and it seems like doing something active is the last thing you need. Chips and salsa and TV.  But it is amazing, once your creative juices have space to flow that they don’t drain you; they refuel. Using a part of yourself, your creativity, that often has no say in your daily life is refreshing. Finding something that is fulfilling and makes you content is the best recreation you can give yourself. You deserve it.
  • Freestyle painting is like visiting a mental spa. Be careful; you might get addicted.

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