How to use mindfulness to optimize the creative process

Mindfulness is a mental state in which one focusses on the present moment, bringing awareness and acceptance to one’s thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Practicing mindfulness has been proven to positively impact creativity. (Read a summary of recent research results that … Continue reading

Can Mindfulness Increase Creativity?

A summary of recent studies and research

How Mindfulness Impacts Creativity There are several similarities between mindfulness and creativity, like fostering curiosity, being in the moment, and becoming aware of thoughts and feelings. But apart from sharing those similarities, can mindfulness practice actually increase creativity? This question … Continue reading

How to Build an Innovative Team

Is there a way to systematically learn how the creative problem solving process works within a team? In Chris Grivas’ and Gerard Puccio’s book The Innovative Team- Unleashing Creative Potential for Breakthrough Results, the authors walk us through the process … Continue reading

Mindfulness and Creativity

The Creative Spark Podcast - Episode 4

How can mindfulness practice increase your creativity? What if mindfulness practice can help you overcome creative resistance? Jenn will be sharing several examples how mindfulness can open the creative well. Following systematic steps in building a mindfulness practice allows to … Continue reading

The Mindfulness Creativity Link

A Mindfulness Experience

Linking Creativity To Mindfulness In my first mindfulness workshop, we learned to be mindful about a raisin. We first were asked to pick a raisin from a box. The raisins in the box didn’t have the same size or color. … Continue reading

Simplifying Creativity: Exploring quick and easy ways to boost your creativity

The Creative Spark Podcast- Episode 3

Creativity is like a muscle. The more we use it the stronger it becomes. In this Creative Spark conversation I will talk with Maria Gatling about fun, quick, and easy ways to train the creative muscle and how to get … Continue reading

Creative Learning

The Creative Spark Podcast- Episode 2

In today’s episode I’ve got Marissa Wahkuna Campbell from the Creative Learning Initiative on the show to talk about how creative strategies can improve academic learning. Podcast   In this chat Marissa shares: How she became a creative all-rounder who … Continue reading