Workshop Options

Ways to paint creatively with your team

We work with you to find the best corporate events program to truly inspire and enrich your team.

Individual painting allows everyone to develop their unique creativity while painting on their own canvas.  It’s amazing what happens to people when they take the time to be creative – when they work on something creative and find it so energizing they lose track of time. For many people – even those doing it for the first time – painting is like that. They call it “getting into the flow.” And in the same way you exercise better in a class of people, painting, too, can be better in a group, where you mix your own self-expression with social interaction.

Collaborative painting helps building trust and enhances communication. For example, we have everyone start a painting, then pass it to the next person on their team until everyone in the group has contributed to each canvas. Or maybe you want one massive canvas that everyone contributes to. However we structure it, collaborative painting is great at bringing teams together and seeing how their contributions enhance the whole.

Painting based on personality assessment tests are popular for our customers who have previously worked with personality assessment tools. Our workshops that build upon True Colors training, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finders, or other personal assessments have been very successful. Each team member paints something that represents a dominant trait, then they spend time discussing them before finally working to tie each of the paintings together with a unique thread.

Theme-based painting allows your teams to focus on an idea that is important for your company like your branding, cultural values, identity, or your vision for the next year. Theme-based painting offers intuitive access to topics that you previously approached intellectually. Visualizing complex thought processes leads to a different form of understanding and clarity, and thus stimulates new fresh discussions.

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