Creative Team Building to Drive Innovation

The Dirty Easel is a creative source for people and companies that want to drive innovation. We do this through creative workshops where employees paint, learn techniques to be more creative and enhance team spirit. Learn more about our creative team building workshops

Key benefits of our workshops are that they:

  • build engaged and connected teams through collaborative artwork
  • strengthen creativity and problem-solving skills
  • improve communication
  • reward your team with a fun activity to boost team spirit

The Creativity Gap

According to the State of Create Study, business has a creativity gap. We help close this gap.

The most important leadership quality for CEOs is: Creativity.

75% of people in the US believe they are not living up to their creative potential.

7 in 10 Americans believe that unlocking creative potential is key to economic & social growth.

Globally less than 50% describe themselves as being creative.

Companies We've Worked With


I would surely recommend the “The Dirty Easel” to any group interested in bringing life and inspiration to their party. My co-workers were all in agreement that this gathering was a lot of fun.”

Sandra Bouldwin

“The Dirty Easel has a unique take on the classic painting party! It allowed for creativity and individuality. Christiane was helpful and encouraging throughout the activity. Our company party was made by having The Dirty Easel a part of it.”

Abigail Sharp

“This was a super fun experience and I can’t wait to do it again! Painting without a plan is relaxing, fun, and much less stressful than comparing your painting to the artist teaching and everyone else’s canvas in the room”

Nicole Garrett