Selling Creative Team Building to Internal Stakeholders

Creative Teambuilding to Drive Innovation

According to a study conducted by IBM in 2010 for CEOs, creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business. But the reality is that we don’t have enough creative people in our companies and businesses. Only 50% of people believe they are creative.

Investing in the creative development of your employees will pay off financially. Many businesses are investing in creativity because it fosters innovation and results in more satisfied customers, according to a study led by Adobe.

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The Dirty Easel Helps Develop Employee Creativity

The Dirty Easel is a creative source for people and companies that want to drive innovation. We do this through creative workshops in which employees paint, learn techniques to be more creative, and learn to be better teammates.

lady smiling while paintingYou may have tried team building events that are fun but offer no lasting change — no ROI. Or lecture-based events attempt to offer something richer, but are no fun.

The Dirty Easel uses the fun of social painting as the learning engine to truly change team dynamics. One of the greatest investments organizations can make in their people is to enhance their ability to disrupt markets through innovation. Innovation is the bi-product of creativity. The Dirty Easel works with organizations to develop their collective creativity.

Key benefits of our workshops are that they:

  • build engaged and connected teams through collaborative artwork
  • strengthen creativity and problem-solving skills
  • improve communication2 ladies having a good time while painting
  • reward your team with a fun activity to boost team spirit

Custom built team building events that fit your needs

  • A needs analysis will make sure to find the right program for your team.
  • Our Team Building events work for everyone:
    • All personality types (introverts and extroverts, left and right brainers)
    • All physical abilities
    • All ages and genders
  • Location and group sizes are flexible.
  • All events are absolute turnkey for you. We provide all materials, and take care of set-up and clean-up. No hassle for you or your team.

selling creative team building  how to sell creative team building to internal stakeholders