Launch of The Dirty Easel

Austin, Texas – September 18, 2014 – Opening today, the Dirty Easel is a unique take on paint events in Austin, Texas. First, the business has no physical location. Rather, it holds painting events in restaurants and bars in Austin. Patrons can see where the events are being held on the company’s website ( and sign up. Patrons can arrive at the location early to get drinks and food, and a member of the wait staff will tend to the crowd.

The second thing that makes The Dirty Easel unique is that each participant paints his or her own unique painting – they do not copy a classic work, as they might at other painting places. This allows painters to get inspired by their own imagination and surroundings. The Dirty Easel’s “Creative Inspirant” provides help and support at the start of and during the event.

According to owner and manager Christiane Michaelis, when participants create their own original painting, something special happens. “It’s not a competition to see who in the session can paint the best Van Gogh. It’s each member of the session enjoying themselves over beer or a cocktail and coming up with something interesting or meaningful to them. Sometimes we get people in who paint a lot – and that’s great. But most often, we get someone that hasn’t painted since they were a kid. And they learn to love painting all over again, which is hugely exciting.”

In addition to their regularly scheduled painting events, The Dirty Easel offers painting events at private parties, kids parties, and even corporate team-building events. They also do pop-up events, where they set up outdoors under a tent at museums, food events, and other events, giving participants a chance to paint.