Creative Peer Group Forming Now!

Are you ready to explore your creative side and use it for greater fulfillment and happiness?

Do you enjoy being creative but have trouble finding the time to do it?

Then this is for you!

We are very excited to start our first creative peer group in December. Once a month, you’ll get together with the same group to boost your creativity through painting. Bring your friends, make new friends – the support of this small “tribe” will make all the difference.

Exploring your creativity through painting has been proven to increase focus, clarity, and joy. Painting is a healthy way to relax. Being creative is an investment in your well-being. You build confidence and experience to break through limiting beliefs. Absolutely no previous painting experience is required.

Make a commitment to do something for yourself, once a month.

Every month we’ll have a different theme. Each meeting, we’ll approach creativity in a different way to stimulate your inspiration. Check below to find the topics from December through March.

We want this commitment you make to yourself be a no-brainer, making it easy and affordable for you. So we’re offering all 4 events for the very inexpensive price of just $80. That is only $20 per class. And we will provide all the materials needed – paint, canvases for each meeting, and all of the inspiration you need.

Try out this formula with us:

creativity = well-being x fun²


When: Every 2nd Wednesday of each month – December, January, February, & March

Where: BB Rover’s, 12636 Research Blvd B101, Austin, TX 78759

Price:  Only $80 for all 4 events


Sign up here to reserve your spot now!


Event Schedule:

December 9th: De-clutter December

For 90% of us December is the most stressful month of the year. Everybody seems busy and in a hurry to get things done before the holidays. Take a moment to step out of the rush and reboot your brain. These 2 hours allow you to shift from gift and to do lists to a calm and focused mind. Let brush strokes and colors ground you. When you finish your painting you will walk out feeling relaxed and centered.

January 13th: Drop resolutions – Paint your vision

92% of all New Years resolutions fail. Already by mid-January half the people start slacking on their new diet or start dropping out of the gym. That leaves feelings of guilt and failure – not a good way to start the new year. Let’s flip this around. Instead of creating rules for yourself let’s play with color to find a vision that empowers you. Find a landscape where you can thrive.

February 10th: Friendship

Only a few days before Valentine’s Day we’ll get together to paint with each other.

Creative interaction is dynamic and fun. In a creative community you will get inspired by the person next to you. Spread your ideas and join a stream of creativity that is larger than your own canvas.

March 9th: The Rite of Spring

Spring is the time of renewal and a fresh start. Celebrate the burst of energy that we see happening in nature. Let your vitality flow onto the canvas.  Music will play a big part in this powerful and highly energetic class.