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How to Improve Communication Skills Through Painting

“After my team discussed my painting, I was quite touched by how clearly folks saw my personality and strengths without me saying anything. I learned more about how my coworkers value me and how I fit into the team.” — … Continue reading


The Five Criteria to Develop a Culture of Innovation

If you ask managers, employees or executives whether they want to work in a company that has a culture of innovation, most will say yes. Why does this sound so attractive? Innovation is associated with rapid success, disruptive innovation and … Continue reading


Learning Through the Arts

Several years ago I was working as a language arts teacher at a school in Germany where more than 50% of the students came from immigrant families. Most of them spoke a different language at home than at school.  A … Continue reading


How to prepare for the workforce shift of 2020

Happy New Year! Each time we start a new year it feels like we are taking a step into the future. In Germany we have the tradition of “Bleigiessen” —  a game to predict what the coming year has in … Continue reading


Giving Productive Feedback for Creative Work

When you are asked to give feedback, are you honest? Are you brutally honest? Or are you rather diplomatic? Are you flatout lying, as in “yes, those new shoes look really cute on you….” Giving feedback can be hard. And … Continue reading


Speaking Your Creative Voice

“Je suis Paris.” With these words people all over the world tried to express their solidarity and grief about the horrible terrorist attacks that shattered Paris and the world last November. Social media was full of posts of people who … Continue reading


The Not-Knowing Mindset

Have you ever experienced how hard it is to be the follower in a partner dance – the one not leading? For many of my customers it seems equally hard to be able to start a painting without having a … Continue reading