How it Works

The Process of our Partnership – How it Works

  1. Needs Analysis. Since we want to find the right program for your team, we always start by getting a clear picture of your needs. We help determine your goals for the team building event and make sure it helps empower your company culture where you need it most.Sometimes the goal is simply to have fun for an hour or two. Other times, you may want to truly change the team dynamic through a program that can last as long as a full day. Our programs are individually tailored to help your team grow.
  2. Workshops. All of our painting workshops are based on experiential learning. Research has shown that when we learn through listening we remember on average 20%. When we learn by actively doing something —  using our hands and brain —  90% is going to stick. Change happens through experience and not through lecturing. By also reflecting on the painting experience, your team will become aware of the values, benefits and takeaways from the event.
    This is how the entire process works:how it works
    Hanging the paintings up in your office is a terrific visual reminder of the process and will enhance accountability around the new goals.
  3. Sustainability. We want to make sure to keep the momentum that has been established by the painting experience. That is why it is important to us to follow up with you after the event to identify ways that the team building event has a lasting impact and leads to sustainable results.

Find out which workshop options we have to offer or watch a video of our creative team building events.

creative team building - how it works