Is The Dirty Easel one more of those paint and sip places that are spreading all over the US recently?

While we share the idea of socializing, painting, and perhaps drinking, our main philosophy is completely different. Our goal is not that at the end of the session everybody has the more or less (and some even lesser than less) the same painting in front of her. We love that at the end of a painting event with The Dirty Easel you can walk around and see a huge variety of very different and fascinating pieces of art. And just as life is rich and full of variations, so is art. This is your time to experience creativity and freedom, and we are here to help you achieve that goal. Our customers also say that they enjoy not being in direct competition with the other painters because it is quite easy to tell which “Starry Night” has been drawn by an experienced painter and which by a newbie – even step-by-step instruction can’t hide those facts. Plus, we want you to find your very own pace, your own groove and experience the joy that getting lost in your very own painting can give you. It is so exciting when you invent something that is uniquely yours and when you don’t know at the beginning how your painting is going to look like 2 hours later.