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Sleeping Beauty’s Awakening

Every story is a journey of transformation.  One year ago our lives stopped. Remember the moment in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty when the princess pricks her finger with a spindle and the whole castle falls asleep? The cook was … Continue reading


Innovation — From Buzz Word to Slow Seller?

In my presentations I often ask the audience whether they need innovation in their jobs. The overwhelming majority says they do. This is not surprising, right? Innovation is a buzz word. This monthly Nadya Zhexembayeva published an article, “Stop Calling … Continue reading


Creativity in Times of Crisis

A crisis is a call for humanity as well as creativity. When what we have learned to know as normal is suspended we need to use our creativity to develop new concepts and behaviors. In these unprecedented times we have … Continue reading


How to Improve Communication Skills Through Painting

“After my team discussed my painting, I was quite touched by how clearly folks saw my personality and strengths without me saying anything. I learned more about how my coworkers value me and how I fit into the team.” — … Continue reading


How Does Traveling Boost Creativity?

7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity. 9 Things You Can Do to Become More Creative. Have you seen lists like these? Then you know that traveling is typically one of the  suggestions people have for increasing creativity. Yet, the average … Continue reading


Navigating the Difficulty of Blending Cultures

Culture is defined by the norms, values, and behaviors that determine how disparate people working together do things. It is shaped by all the past experiences we bring to the community. That is why there can never be a ground … Continue reading


Awakening the Inner Artist

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with my sketchbook, drawing the mugs hanging above the counter. I take out my water pen and rub it over the graphite pencil sketch to make it look more artsy. That feels pleasurable, and … Continue reading