Social painting

social painting

Der Arme Poet

This painting is a prototype of how artists used to be seen: lonesome, poor, surrounded by misery and solitude. Things have changed. Or maybe they have never been quite like this. Making art with a bunch of people, friends, and strangers, can be stimulating, inspiring, and energizing. The spirit of the group feeds each person and each person feeds the group. There is a certain vibe in a room filled with people that all do art. And you can ride on that vibe like a surfer on a wave.

I am a mom that just can’t stay home too much. So I joined a bunch of moms groups and got social while the kids played. What I liked best were the play dates when we all did something creative like making bath bombs, masks, or superhero capes. And not only did I like making things, but I liked the way it changed the communication. All of our chatting reminded me of a big oriental carpet in which all kinds of colors were woven together. Some colors are dominant for a while until more threads are added and those colors fade or pause.  Someone might be leading a part of the conversation for a while and then fade out while getting more focused on something she is working on, only to join the conversation a while later. It’s a very organic and relaxed way of talking. For example, it is not awkward if someone stays silent for a while. It is a conversation that floats without expectations. When painting together in a group you get the same effect. You also always have the possibility to walk around, look at all the art in progress, and start talking to someone else.

“Gauguin says that when sailors have to move a heavy load or raise an anchor, they all sing together to keep them up and give them vim. That is just what artists lack.” – Vincent Van Gogh


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